Standard Burial Insurance

By far the most popular service that we offer to our clients is standard burial life insurance.

These final expense insurance plans are one of the most cost-effective ways of protecting your family and loved ones.

They provide permanent life-long coverage, premiums that never increase, coverage that never decreases, and access to a “cash value” accumulation account, that allows you to pull out money from your policy when it’s needed.

Paid-Up Burial Insurance

If you are a fan of whole life burial insurance, but don’t like the idea of having to pay a monthly, semi-annual, or annual premium for the rest of your life, then a “paid-up” burial insurance plan might be “just what the doctor ordered”!

While the payment durations tend to vary from company to company.

Most paid-up life insurance plans, typically allow you to pay them off or “pay-up” the policy in a certain number of years, like 10, 20, or 30, or by a certain age like “paid-up” at 65.

These types of burial insurance plans are especially appealing to parents and grandparents who wish to take out coverage on their young children or grandchildren, and those that are still in their teens, twenties and thirties.

Single Premium Burial Insurance

If you are the type of person that wishes to avoid on-going premium payments and would prefer to just “get it over with” by paying a one time lump-sum premium payment, then a single premium burial insurance plan might be the way to go.

Besides avoiding on-going monthly, semi-annual, or annual premium payments, there are some other important benefits of owning a single premium burial life insurance policy.

For one, you will have access to much higher death benefit amounts to leave to your family, as you can usually purchase plans with death benefits in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars range.

And two, you’re usually able to obtain a much higher death benefit than the premium amount paid, and access to most of your cash value almost immediately.

Another advantage of owning a single premium life insurance plan that you normally don’t enjoy with your smaller standard burial insurance plans, is that you usually will have access to additional “living benefits” such as chronic care and critical illness riders.

These free riders allow you to accelerate your death benefit in the event of a critical illness such as a heart attack or a chronic illness which leaves you unable to perform two or more “activities of daily living”.

and two you typically get more “bang for your buck”

Funeral Trusts

Protect the money that you have set aside to pay for your final expenses, from possible “Medicare Spend Down”!

In the event that you were to ever require any long-term care assistance, and did not have the money or a long-term care insurance policy to cover the costs.

Before the government would provide any financial assistance, you may be required to “spend down” any assets that you have, including any cash value life insurance in order to qualify for Medicaid.

In the event that you ever require long-term care, placing those funds under, as well as any cash value life insurance that has a substantial cash value accumulation the protection of a funeral trust.

This is where a funeral trust can help.

A funeral trust can help you protect your life insurance policy’s cash value, as well as any money that you have set aside for funeral expenses from Medicaid spend-down.

The Best Burial Insurance Plans To Fit Your Needs

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